Thursday, July 21, 2011

Manuel returns HOME, JOYFUL NEWS

Friends and Family,
Today, Manuel a 12 year old student from our parish school, came home after 6 weeks in Guatemala City hospitals, for surgery of a complicated benign tumor in his nasal pharangeal area. He has lost weight as he has not been able to eat or swallow much food for many weeks. We are very grateful for the intervention of a pediatric surgeon who assisted in finding a competent surgeon to perform this surgery. Manuel was moved from the National Hospital, Roosevelt, to a private Catholic Hospital, Juan Pablo Segundo, property of the Catholic Archdiocese of Guatemala City, and supported by CARITAS. We are very grateful to all who interceded to help Manuel find a solution to this grave condition. Our own Bishop Pablo Vizcaino assisted in helping me make the right contacts so this surgery, and hospitalization was provided free of charge. This was a blessing as the Clinica Maxeña is having economic issues.

Manuel is weak but he is very intent to return to school as soon as possible. He insisted he wanted to go home and not stay in the clinic. His home is high in a mountain village. His mom died in childbirth and his father went to the states leaving him and two siblings with his two sets of grandparents to care for them. They are very attentive. Our plan is to facilitate Manuels return to school as a dormitory student so we can monitor his recuperation. Thank You for your prayers and to all who followed Manuels recuperation on my blog.

I include a photo with his younger sister taken today on the Clinic patio before he went home in a vehicle provided by the family. Please continue to pray for his full recovery.

Thank You for support of our work in the Clinica Maxeña¡