Monday, July 18, 2011

New Team Members a JOY

Friends and Family,
It is late and unusual to have internett at this hour. Cricketts chirping, a cool breeze following an evening shower. I read about a storm, DORA, threatening the Pacific coast. That should bring heavy rains our way.

Clinic very busy today. I also had a meeting with my administrative team in the clinic. We planned a field day for some workers next week who will get our sustainable agricultural program going full steam. We are grateful for a donation from Diocese of Helena Foundation for our Nutritional Project. We also planned our next General Meeting this week. We are attempting to find new ideas here to supplement our budget. Donations are down and our needs with the sick continue to grow. Coming together as a team is very important and often new ideas merge. Music, Prayer and a healthy snack also raises our spirit to continue to serve with JOY.

This weekend our Mission team was together for the first time. We are happy that we are now six persons, and most welcoming is the reality that the two most recent are not seniors! Jake, in his twenties, is adjusting to his role as supervisor of over 50 young male high school dormitory students in our junior, senior Mayan school. He is also in charge of the scholarship program for students in the school, translating letters for sponsors. He enjoys the diet of black beans, eggs, and occassional chicken, which is a blessing; also jumping into the back of the truck for transport to and from the school not a hardship for him. We usually see him several times during the week when there is no internett or water in the school. Thanks Jake for your spirit!

Father Kevin, also from Montana, will be the new pastor come fall. He is in language school, in Xela, about two hours from the mission and a large city; he seems to be learning quickly as already able to carry on some conversation. He is coming home on weekends to learn more about the parish work here from Father Hazy. This past weekend we celebrated his birthday with our favorite lunch, fried chicken and mash potatoes and of course a CAKE. Welcome too, Fr Kevin.

Keep our work in your prayers as many economic challenges here and also election time so also a lot of violence daily in the newspapers.

Have a good night!

Sheila and lots of furry creature friends!