Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clinic to hang BANNER of Promotion and Acknowledgement of 46 years of SERVICE!

Friends and Family,

Life in the CLINIC has been busy with 12 fewer workers. All is well; we are hoping to obtain some funds for our Sustainable Agricultural Project so to improve the healing of malnourished children in the mountain villages. The agricultural team has begun the process of producing organic fertilizer using the pulp of the coffee beans and worms. Our spring of water, near our production of our organic herb, BERRO has temporarily dried up so we have to wait to re plant.
We will be soon planting our demonstration gardens with other healthy organic vegetables.
An Agricultural Mayan specialist is coming to teach the mothers of children in nutrition project how to plant small gardens near their home.

We have a new banner of promotion for our clinic that also recognizes 46 years of service of the Clinica Maxeña. Tomorrow our maintenance man will prepare the frame for the banner.

Today was the first Pastoral Health Meeting for Health workers of the diocese. Myself and Martin are the Representatives. This year we will send two representatives to Pastoral of Infants and we hope one of them will bring our nutrition teachings to the communities where we have more malnourishment. Keep us in prayer and financial support.

This weekend I also brought two of our chronic young patients to the lake to relax and forget their health issues for a bit. Maria, one of our nurses, accompanied them while I shopped for beaded jewelry to sell on my soon journey to Montana and Seattle. I attach their picture near the Lake. So life is busy and joyful as we serve others. Thank You for walking with us!

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Thanks again, Sheila