Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back Home in Guatemala

Friends and Family,
Greetings from Guatemala and from the Clinic. I recently returned from a journey to Seattle and to our Diocese in Helena Montana. I have been off line a bit. Life is busy in the clinic with reduced staff for financial reasons, my journey, and the reality I have been posting on our page on Facebook as rapid. Life goes on here for us with much illness, poverty, but also faith and joy of the people we serve. We are enriched to be part of their lives.

We are preparing for the Eye surgeries in April after Holy Week; our nutrition project, sustainable agriculture and Diabetic Club continue, so we are busy. On Easter Sunday a team of
11 will arrive at the Clinic for eye surgeries. The team leader is Dr. Joe Kupko from Victor, Montana. Joe built the Operating room for eye surgeries almost 20 years ago in the Clinica Maxe├▒a. His wife Diane will accompany him. The Clinic staff will dawn new royal blue shirts to begin the Easter celebration.

Holy Week here and Lent is also very busy time for the parish and for the people of the community. Each Friday there is a procession of prayer and preparation for the suffering, death of our Lord Jesus and his glorious Resurrection.

Thank You for being a part of our Lives in Mission. Please pray for the people in their sufferings of poverty, hunger, and illness. We are most richly blessed. Thank You!