Thursday, March 15, 2012

A new spot in the Clinic

Friends and Family,
Since beginning of year I moved my desk to an available space on the first floor to be closer to the action. We are very busy and being closer it is easier to be of greater assist. As we have shared, we had to decrease our staff, due to decrease in donations and increase in poverty.

Just this week we have seen some sad cases and have been able to assist. A malnourished infant, with cleft lip and palate, who has to gain weight prior to surgery; a young man disabled from childhood, fell, fractured his hip; we donated a wheel chair for his recovery. Esmeralda, a mom with teen age children and thyroid cancer; she requires all her dental caries cared for before radiation can begin. We have set up a dental exam at another Mission Dental Clinic for her. Micaela had another eye operation this week that could not be done during the Eye Surgeries by our team from Montana. Her husband faithfully worked in our garden, in gratitude for the surgeries, since he could not pay us. Our doctor Ever visited a patient we sent to the hospital, last week, following a fall where his intestines were ruptured and he has a compound fracture in his femur. He is not coping well in the hospital, yet he has a long recovery and hospitalization ahead of him. We hope to visit him often and monitor his healing.

We are not sure how we do it, but with God's help and yours, we do meet each days needs, as completely as possible. Thank You for journeying with us and we hope you can continue to donate to our cause. Donate at:
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