Sunday, May 16, 2010


The days have gone fast. Tuesday 22 Carroll College students of Campus Ministry will pack bags and leave the Mission and head for a few days of relaxation on Lake Atitlan. It has been a fun, interesting and we hope informative voyage. We learn from one another. They will be back in Montana the end of the week. The rains had slowed a little into what is called in spanish, canicula; this is usually a lull for two weeks of rain. Yesterday it began again with a fury but the pause allowed the visitors to play soccer, swim in our junior, senior highschool outdoor pool and travel out to mountain villages in the back of our pickup trucks.
Fr. Hazy has celebrated several masses in which they attended. Somehow they got to singing the Carroll theme song at the end of the masses! WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN. Since myself and Fr Hazy are Carroll graduates also we were able to chime in on the chorous. A triangle soccer tournament between Carroll students, Asunción parish school teachers, and workers of the Clinica Maxeña. Asunción won the first place trophy, the Clinica Maxeña, second place and Carroll came in on the tail. Actually the reality that here children grow up playing soccer explains Carroll´s last place but it did not dampen the spirit or challenge. The women from the Clinica Maxeña played basketball against the feminine group of Carroll studentse and Carroll won without a problem. The band of the Clinica Maxeña added to the spirit of the day.
The cooks of the Clinica Maxeña have provided wonderful meals!

Today the group of visitors came together with the Pastoral Ministry of the children of the Parish of Santo Tomas to celebrate Mother´s Day with their moms. Games, music, prayer, laughter and tamales made the celebration a huge success. Tomorrow they will accompany the environmental team of the clinic to a local community to participate in education and a raffle for an ONIL STOVE! See the ad at the beginning of my blog to be able to contribute so a family can enjoy one of these wonderful stoves.
Sharing our journey with young people from Carroll College, of Helena, Montana is an honor for us at the Mission. Many alumnae of this wonderful institution have come to Guatemala to share their lives with these people. Returning with the Carroll students, is Alex Woelkers, who has just finished his year as a volunteer and english teacher in Asunción. We know these experiences plant the seed for future volunteers to share their time and treasure.

Enclosed is a photo of the women of Carroll and the Clinica Maxeña who enjoyed fun and friendship with the game and also the Carroll College Campus Ministry singing after a Mass their theme, FIGHT song. WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN!!

Note that donation is for the work of THE CLINICA MAXEÑA!!!

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