Saturday, May 29, 2010

Storm Agatha strikes with FURY

Sunday evening May 29, 2010


Friday our doctor, EVER, commented that he felt relief that the threat of Dengue and Typhoid was passing. This afternoon, however, the rain became intense and constant. We have had rains for over 36 hours and rivers in our areas are overflowing and people are evacuating. Both the states our mission serves, Suchitepequez and Solola, have been declared disaster areas. The torment, named AGATHA, has hit us with fury. It is the weekend so we know that MONDAY our clinic will again overflow with patients. For now we are keeping alert to the news by radio and television and staying in the Mission. We are fortunate for now that our electricity an internett are functioning. Also we are blessed to have a generator that will provide electricity if need arises.

It is already history that a few days ago Volcano Pacaya erupted ferociously, spilling ash in Guatemala City and closing the international airport. The torment is a more serious disaster and we pray it will pass without great loss of life and property in Guatemala.