Monday, May 24, 2010


Friends and family,

Today was one of the busiest days in the clinic imaginable; I never even sat at my desk. One has to slow to take care of one´s own workers first. Each day a few more workers have fallen ill with either Dengue or Typhoid. Our own doctor, Ever, had a light case of dengue a few weeks ago and recovered quickly. Other workers have not been as fortunate. At present we have three workers who have both dengue and typhoid. One of them is Celia, our auxiliar nurse for 18 years, who usually helps triage and treat simple diseases. Today she was the patient receiving IV fluids, fever, pain and antibiotic medications. We have four other workers with one or the other disease. Our three laboratory workers were overwhelmed and we gladly provided them with lunch on the job and a secretary to help record results. One of our worker´s 13 year old son has hemorrahgic Dengue, one of dreaded complications, when the platelets drop ,and one can have serous complications from hemorrhage. There are only a few hospitals in the country who have the capability to provide platelets. Fortunately, a pediatrician specialist will see this child tomorrow and follow his case closely. Metchas, our dear cook, also has both dengue and typhoid. She is recovering at home but is on bedrest and medication. Please PRAY for our patients.

The Ministry of Health Clinic called a meeting in town because of the apparent epidemic of Dengue. Representatives from different neighborhoods came together; the clinic sent a representative. Plans were made to clean up the town of garbage and plastic containers, and eliminating puddles of water, which are sources of the dengue mosquito. A followup meeting will take place Wednesday. It is hope the Ministry of Health will then spray to eliminate the mosquito.

Our doctor works through the night, doing a turn, in the National Government Hospital, so he will see less patients tomorrow. Lights are scheduled to be off for 12 hours for repair so we will rely on our generator, which is very fortunate for our clinic. Wednesday there is a protest scheduled around the country for the increase in electricity so the highways will be blocked by the protesters for several hours. A DAY to stay home.

Good news was an email responding to mine from our Mission director. He assured me we could purchase a new microscope from some grant money that is still available. This will replace one of the donated microscopes of many years use!

In these emergencies, as a Parish Clinic, we respond to each patient who comes to the clinic. We are confident that friends will help us carry the burden of their medications and laboratory tests, when they cannot.

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Blessings and thanks
P.S. I now post a foto of Metchas and Celia post recovery and back to WORK!