Thursday, June 3, 2010

Storm Agatha leaves destruction in its path!


Guatemala in the news again! The destruction left behind from Agatha has been great. The area are mission serves was spared loss of homes and deaths. Crops and water systems were devastated however, and this will bring increased malnutrition and disease from the contaminated water. Our clinic must prepare in advance for this human need. Most of the water of this area and the entire lower coast initiates in Volcano PECUL and nearby mountains.

Three major rivers originate there, River Ixtacapa, River Nahualate, and River Maza, and from here comes the springs of fresh water that flow into cement resevoir tanks. Piping is always inadequate, plastic and narrow, hanging across ravines. Most people have only one source of water in their home and often share this with a neighbor; others have none. WATER is precious here as it is in all underdeveloped nations; at home it is a commodity taken for granite and often wasted.

These rivers mentioned are the ones that caused flooding, major destruction and some deaths farther down the coast. Many of the communities affected are part of our Diocese here so we will join hands this weekend to collect food for these parish communities and neighbors with Pastoral Health. Aid, national and international, is needed to assist those suffering hunger and lack of shelter. The clinic will also donate some medication for children with infections in the areas more severely affected.

Donations to allow the Clinica Maxeña be more present to those in need can be sent to:
Guatemala Mission
Diocese of Helena
P.O. Box 1729
Helena, MT
59624 Note for the Clinica Maxeña

You can also donate on line:

Thank You for your concern!