Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meeting, Reflecting, Celebrating

We go from sun, to grey clouds, then rain again. The earth is becoming saturated in many parts of the country. This morning a bridge partially collapsed on the highway that takes us to the city. The highway closed and this brings stress, financial losses, and more complications for Guatemala. It is time to stay home and travel only for necessity.

Yesterday we had our monthly general meeting with Clinic Workers. A visiting professional gave a short workshop on motivation in one´s life. These conferences are of great value for the workers as these opportunities are not as frequent as should be. Also we had a short recognition and celebration for Father´s Day. The clinic gifted cups and a hankerchief to each dad, and all enjoyed delicious tostadas and music. The meeting time was short but we come together again next week in our Pastoral Health Meeting to talk and plan actions for the environment.

Pastoral Health is the focus of who we are as a Clinic. This meeting is a very important gathering as the environment is one of our main focuses in preventive Medicine for the Clinica Maxeña! World environment day was celebrated June 5th. The Clinica Maxeña, because of the emergency in the country, will celebrate on June 26 at our meeting. The ONIL STOVE PROJECT will be our focus. We are very grateful for the generous response that allows us to put many stoves in homes of the most poor. These stoves, save firewood, prevent lung and eye disease with a chimney, and save cooking time for moms, so more time with the children.

The child Cristobal, that I wrote in my last blog, is recovering and home again. The infant son of our worker Martin, had an emergency when he caught his little fingers in the spoke of a bicycle, and had to have two fingers partially amputated. I just sent a complicated pregnant patient to a specialist to Xela, the second largest city in Guatemala. She has a blood dyscrasia and has to deliver in a hospital where blood products are readily available. Unfortunately her fetus was in distress when she departed for the hospital. We are grateful the town now does have ambulance service and they are very accomodating to the Clinica Maxeña. Catarina is one of my god children so I do also ask for prayers for a safe delivery for her and the baby. Daily we are called to serve and accompany many patients with emergencies, acute and chronic illnesses, and desnutrition in children. We are blessed to have many dedicated, competent workers and the generosity of MANY! THANK YOU!!

Thank You for your interest, prayers and financial support.
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Picture of workers after workshop on MOTIVATION.
An older child with malnutrition and anemia.