Sunday, June 13, 2010


Times in Guatemala have not been good. Lately, daily the paper is full of brutal violence, organized crime, narco trafficing, extorsions and assasinations. I just heard a young gang member was assasinated in our own quiet town, a few hours ago. Apparently he had returned here about two weeks ago and he was gunned down on his motor cycle, near his home. Here there is silence with such happenings. We have not been traveling to the city at all for the last few weeks. We are still picking up from the Storm Agatha and recovering from epidemics of Dengue and Typhoid. The CHURCH continues to offer prayer,supportive caring and criticism to government officials and other leaders, for the chaos that swirls around constantly in this society. When natural Disasters strike the POOR are always the victims.

God´s presence in our lives and world shines through these difficult moments and times. This past weekend I had to choose LIFE for a 13 year old child who was critically ill. He had just been discharged from the National Hospital, after 6 days of hospitalization. He arrived this morning at the clinic with high fever, dehydration and pain. His body was limp. I inquired with the doctor who had cared for him in the hospital. His diagnosis was severe Pancreatitis and the parents listened to their child that he did not want to stay any longer in the hospital. Because he was older than 12 yrs, Cristobal is not considered a child; he was a patient in the men´s ward. His parents could only visit for an hour daily and for the child, this was not sufficient. They took him home less than 24 hours ago before he presented at the reception desk of the CLINICA MAXEÑA! Our doctor examined him, ordered more laboratory tests, and prescribed medications, then he left for his turn at the National Hospital and for the weekend to REST!. As the child´s condition worsened that night, I called the specialist for suggestions. He told me briefly the child´s history and that he feared an abcess could be forming. He would need another Ultra Sound. I could not let him die, so with a LEAP of Faith and Trust, I called the local ambulance and sent him to the private hospital, where the specialist was waiting. It was still the weekend. His condition improved somewhat, but we now know on Monday, that he is also suffering from Hemorrhagic Dengue; his platelets are dangerously low at 30! He is being treated with steroids and continued antibiotics for the inflammation of his pancreas. His Dengue test was negative on admittance to the clinic but this is not unusual to not show on the laboratory test the first days of infection. His father was very conscious to the reality that this was an expensive decision for the Clinica Maxeña. He promised to look for funds from his family and friends. Can YOU help CRISTOBAL with this fight for LIFE!!

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I include a picture taken today of Cristobal in the private hospital with his MOM!

His father has been able to collect 300. dollars from families and friends to help with the continual need for diagnostic tests to monitor the disease. I must reach out also for this emergency. Cristobal will for sure be hospitalized more days before I can bring him to the clinic where he can be cared for until recovery.