Saturday, June 12, 2010



Today was a happy day for Maria, our 85 year old patient; she went home to her own home and as my mom would say, to her own tea kettle! she spent four months in our small patient space. She insisted she would be ok alone and for sure she has many good friends and neighbors to help out and bring her some meals. Her home is very humble, dirt floor, cracks in the ceiling and the light shining through the beams, leaky roof.

Sr. Anna stayed behind to help her settle in and lit her fire to heat her some water. We donated her a small wooden bed, walker, commode, and chair. She wears daily her bright green croc shoes, donated by Carroll campus ministry; Maria did not wear shoes previously and her deformed foot surely contributed to her fall. We will check in on her frequently.

Agrapina, the nurses aide that we hired to care for her, also leaves today. Clinic workers said farewell yesterday to her; the band serenaded her and we all paused to enjoy a sandwich, and hot pineapple drink. She has obtained a job in the city as a caregiver to a child and will come home every two weeks to visit her family. She has been a delightful companion for Maria, and also fellow worker. Blessings to her and to those who contribute to the Clinica Maxe├▒a so we can accompany patients, like Maria, to they are well and healthy again.

Included are a photo of Agrapina and Maria; her home; and some of the children who greeted her on arrival.

Love, Sheila