Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing, Celebrating, coming together to dialogue!

Friends and Family,
Many issues and patients, meetings delay our monthly reunions as a clinic team. Today we came together to celebrate the Day of the Worker, which was May 1st, Mothers Day, May 10th and to plan days of solidarity for the Environment and patients who have died from AIDS. Our meeting began with a sharing of Lunch and music and prayer. We discussed our project of Sustainable Agriculture, the theme of Environment, which is the "FOREST", the reality of Party Politics in our midst, and Dr Ever explained the Health Crisis in the country. The latter, as a health clinic, was very important that we share. Ever explained the response of the Episcopal Conference to the health initiative that is being presented in Congress and the reality that the Health crisis is critical for the future and the responsibility of all to be informed.

At present we are hosting members of the Libby, MT Rotary, who are here to discuss a water project with local Rotarians, and hoping for a positive solution to issues which have delayed the project. Also in the month of May we will host Pastoral Youth the campus of the University of Montana for ten days. These visits are very important to our work here in our Mission; we share the reality of these beautiful Mayan people with others, who participate in their lives, through their interest and financial support.


Love Sheila
Foto of celebration of Mothers day with the women workers in our CLINIC!