Sunday, May 15, 2011


Friends and family,
There are many patients the Clinic is helping and following at the same moment. Most are special cases because of chronic disease, such as Cancer and Aids, Malnutrition, Diabetes. Others come and go and we are able to provide care that other wise would not be possible for them and enables them to go on with their lives. They are all special people for us and we feel blessed to have friends who make our work possible in these difficult moments in Guatemala. I wanted to share a little today about some of them.

Today, Francisco, elderly, no family, who has stayed many days with us as we treated his hipertension and he awaited hernia surgery was operated today in a Catholic Hospital, about three hours from our clinic. His surgery cost one hundred dollars which the clinic provided for him and was successful! One of our workers is with him there as he recovers and he will return to his home in a few days.

Maria, our 15 yr old with AIDS, has been living temporarily with an Aunt as her home is unsafe and inadequate. We are in the process in finding a more permanent solution so she can live with her mom and younger siblings. We will continue to accompany her in her treatments and nutritional needs. We may have to construct a small home with the assist of Pastoral Social Ministry but we must first find someone to allow us to build this dwelling on their land.

Catarina, 18 yr old with insulin dependent diabetes and severe malnutrition also has been spending many days in clinic for her nutritional needs. Her diabetes has stabilized with adequate nutrition which was not available at home. She is slowly gaining weight.

Maria and Catarina are two Uterine Cancer patients who are in treatment in the Cancer Hospital in the city. The clinic has been accompanying them and also paying for their radiation and Chemotherapy. This support is a special program for needy patients that is managed by Sr Anna of our mission team. Their treatments are going well. They were diagnosed in our Women's clinic through Pap smear diagnosis.

This past week, Francisca, 10 years old was admitted to our in ward with fever of unknown origin. She is accompanied by her mom and her 11 year old brother, who is very attentive to her needs. She has been quite ill with the persistant fever which appears to be DENGUE. She has intestinal parasites also. She is on the road to recovery and will have more laboratory tests tomorrow. Their dad went to the states four years ago and they do not have communication with him. He appears to have deserted the family.

All these patients are dependent on your generosity for us to meet their health needs. Care in the clinic is very economical; three dollars for medical consult and laboratory tests are two to three dollars for those who can pay. We do not turn patients away. We do attempt to investigate their ability to pay some when they are chronic cases, and many times they are able to do so. Others will do some work around the mission when they are well to pay for the care we provided. Thank You for walking with us on this journey.

Included a Photo of Francisco, elderly man in prayer outside of clinic, that was operated today in a private catholic hospital. The second photo is Francisca in bed recovering from an acute illness in our in ward. She is receiving support from her brother, another FRANCISCO!