Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Presidential Candidates come to our area¡

Friends and Family,
Presidential elections will happen on September 11, 2011. Violence has plagued the candidates of several parties and there have been assasinations in some communities. There also has been constitutional battles and today the candidate, Sandra Torres, wife of actual President of Guatemala, was disqualified. She was in second place and this has now shook up the race.

As foriegners and also Church people, we do not become involved in politics of the country. When I was back in the United States for many years and involved with a solidarity organization, a voice for the injustices of the Guatemalan people, I did become acquainted with one of the present Presidential candidates, Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel Peace Laureate from Guatemala. She visited Seattle, Washington, where I was living and I did feel honored to know her. I decided to go to the rally in one of our communities, to listen, and say hello to her. I was glad I did.

We ask for prayers as this dear country holds Presidential and Congressional elections next month, that there will be a decrease of violence and more justice and Health and Educational Programs to benefit the poor. We ask your prayers that leaders chosen in a democratic election will represent the interests of all Guatemalans. Thank You¡