Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Friends and Family,
We have been blessed to have had a very special employee in the Clinica Maxena for many years; Tomas Lopez retired in January 2010 at 75 years of age. He had worked for the mission for 42 years. He lives amidst his 8 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in a small community, but with all their homes built together! They are truly a family. Their doors are always open to one another and persons in need. They now number more than sixty in their family compound!

Tomas left the clinic to enjoy retirement and to continue to volunteer in the church and community and to spend more time enjoying life and family. Tomas is a Eucharistic minister and visits the sick. A few months ago he was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. Miraculously so far he has had little pain. He is in evaluation in the Cancer Hospital in the city for more diagnostic tests, and discussion of treatment. Yesterday he had a biopsy and will return today to his family.

When we began our service in the Clinica Maxeña, more that 45 years ago, Cancer was not a diagnosis that was a health issue. It has been in the last few years that monthly we have more and more patients with this diagnosis; perhaps it is because our clinic does more diagnostic tests but also the reality that the diets of the people have changed and include much more chemicals and fast foods. Papanicolau exams are offered monthly for seven dollars in the Clinica Maxeña. We have had several women diagosed with cervical or uterine cancer and treated with radiation and sometimes chemotherapy, with success. We ask patients who can afford their trips to city, diagnostic tests and treatment, to provide their own expenses. We do accompany the poor with treatments and hospice comfort care, when needed. The health needs of the poor are more complex now and more expensive. The clinic's mission is to accompany the most poor in their health needs. We feel blessed to walk this journey and ask for your continued generosity as you walk with us. Blessings and THANKS from all of us. sheila

Attatched is a picture of Tomas, returning from his journey to the Cancer Hospital, accompanied by his two sons, Martin and Jose. Martin is head of Pastoral Health for the clinic and in charge of Maintenance.

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