Friday, August 5, 2011

Violence near HOME

Friends and Family,
This past week violence came close to home. First there was the town alarm going off about 9pm on Wednesday, alerting the population that there was an emergency in town. One of the night clinic janitors went up to check on it. A nine year old girl was sexually abused by three young men, apparently on drugs. She was taken to the hospital and they caught two of the youths responsible and were taken to the next city to jail. Today the little gal came to see our doctor, with mostly headaches and psychological trauma. Her parents were with her and our doctor attended to her. She was able to relate the incident.

Extorsions and assasinations of bus drivers has been a reality all over the country, and though a history here, it had not been a major issue. This was true as many chose to pay the extorsion but others not. A threat came by anonymous phone call and they did not respond. Last night a bus was attacked on our road. A sixteen year old teen age gal passenger died from gunshot wound to the head and the chofer of the bus is wounded and hospitalized. Our road into town today has military and police presence.

Today and tomorrow there are presidential candidates visiting our area. Pray for peace and justice for this dear country and its beautiful people. They deserve it. Thank You!