Saturday, August 27, 2011

What is the significance of a DOOR!

Friends and Family,
Our clinic door has been deteriorating with the years. Every morning, five days a week, it is opened at 6am, by the night janitors, to welcome patients who rise early for a number to see our doctor. Today a new, varnished door, made from scratch from a cedar tree of a near by community, was finally hung by two of our maintenance team, Diego and Pedro. Pedro is a young carpenter, who has worked in the clinic the last two years; he has worked with great care for the last two months to complete his task. It is a beautiful door and we are all pleased and proud of our OPEN DOOR! Thank you Pedro!

As mission people, serving the POOR, it is important our door to our clinic and to our hearts is always open. Daily more and more poor have health needs. We are daily concerned how we are going to serve all those who knock on our door. Today a young man of 34 years came with appearing first symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Many people in his community are praying for his recovery. Wednesday we will take him to a Neurologist in the next town. Tomas, a former worker of our clinic, is suffering from terminal cancer. We will accompany him on his journey now as a hospice patient. Manuela is 14 years old; she was sexually abused and gave birth by caesarean. She does not have sufficient breast milk so we will supplement her infant with formula. Her mother is very supportive, and since she too is breast feeding another child, she is both mother and grandmother to this infant. Thank You for accompanying us in our journey to serve all those who knock on our door.

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